About AIC Moldova

General Information

SE ”Agricultural Information Centre” was created under the Government Decision no. 638 as of 29.08.2012, concerning the reorganization of State enterprises, by merging with the following companies:

  • State Enterprise “Animals Register”;
  • State Enterprise “Republican Centre of Information and Computing for collection and processing of cereals”;
  • State Enterprise “Scientific and Technological Enterprise "Agroindsistem”” as result.

State Enterprise “Agricultural Information Centre” (AIC) is an independent economic agent, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, responsible for the implementation of Government Decision No. 710 as of 20.09.2011 concerning the approval of the Strategic Program for technological modernization of governance (e-Transformation), by developing and implementing the e-Agriculture Strategic Program.

In order to accomplish its mission, the enterprise has the following functions:

  • Implementation of e-Agriculture Strategic Program;
  • Formation and consolidation of agricultural information resource;
  • Agricultural information resource integration in the information resource of the State;
  • Implementation and maintenance of registers and automated information resource.

As a result, on February 20, 2013, Agricultural Information Centre has become the Unique National Operator of all information systems in agri-food sector, being led by the Director - Mr. Ruslan CIOBANU

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